70mm Bi-Metal Holesaw Blade, Arbor + HSS Drill Bits - HSS70


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70mm Holesaw With 3/8 Arbor HSS Bi-Metal Hole Saw Blade.
It can easily cut precise hole for wood/plywood/laminated/PVC board, plastic pipe, ceiling, kitchen cabinet hole cutting, Also can use it to cut hole for soft metal sheet (kind remind: for metal sheet cutting constant cooling with water will be good for long-term usage and fast cutting)
- This holesaw made of M42 high speed steel and bi-metal ,dual slots for quick remove the chipped material,heavy duty and durable with large and sharp variable teeth pitch for fast and precisely cutting.
- 20mm High Speed Steel Bi-Metal Holesaw Blade.
- Size of the screw in arbor is 3/8 inch for quick change mandrel, fits both 3/8 and 1/2 inch drills.

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