CABAC Blue Monkey Plug Point Level Stencil - MONKEY

CABAC Blue Monkey Plug Point Level Stencil - MONKEY


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The Blue Monkey is a must have tool when fitting C-brackets for plug points and light switches. This clever stencil is easy to use and includes a built in level indication. The Blue Monkey template ensures FAST, CLEAN, ACCURATE installations every time.
- Easy to position and mark C-bracket cut-out
- Vertical and horizontal level indication
- Clear centre mark positioning
(1). Measure the position desired for the plug point and mark the centre point of the hole you wish to cut for a C-bracket.
(2). Check for studs, metal brackets and power cords behind the plaster board using a suitable stud finder.
(3). If there are no studs, place the Blue MonkeyTM and match the cross-hair in the centre with the marked point on the plaster board.
(4). Check that the Blue MonkeyTM is level (horizontally or vertically) and draw around the stencil with a pencil or pen.
(5). Using a Wall Board Saw, cut around the outline.
(6). Place a C-bracket in the cut-out hole.
(7). Connect and fit the plug point.

Installation Instructions

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