Diginet MMDMPB LEDsmart + Push Button Dimmer

Diginet MMDMPB LEDsmart + Push Button Dimmer


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Diginet MMDMPB
Designed in Australia to provide optimised dimming of LED based lamps and drivers, this high quality, two-wire phase control dimmer can be connected in parallel to other LEDsmart+ devices to provide a simple solution to multi-way control. Although optimised for LED lighting loads, the dimmer also provides excellent compatibility with other common lamp types such as incandescent lamps, 12V halogen (dichroic) lamps and dimmable CFL’s.
- Integrated ON/OFF Switch
- Two-way / multi-way dimming and switching by connecting LEDsmart+ dimmers in parallel
- Double tap to dim slowly over 30minutes
- Diginet Sitara System compatible
- Voltage: 220-240Vac 50Hz
Only for use with Lighting Loads
- Minimum Load: 1W
- Maximum Load: 400W
- Dimming Range: 0 to 100% typical for LEDs


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