Hager MCB 3P 6kA C-16A 3M - MSN316

Hager MCB 3P 6kA C-16A 3M - MSN316


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Hager MSN316
Hager MSN316 protect and control circuits against overloads and short-circuits, It is suitable for residential applications.
- Hager MCB 3P 6kA 16A C-Curve, 3 Modules
- Complies with AS/NZS 60898
- Tripping curve - ‘C’ magnetic setting between 5 and 10In
- Breaking capacity: 6000A
- Voltage rating: 240/415V AC
- Current rating: 16A
- Bi-connect allowing two connection points
- Connection Capacity: 25mm2 rigid, 16mm2 flexible


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