Hager Earth Leakage Add-On-Block 3P 63A 30mA A Class 1Mod - BD163T


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Hager BD163T
The compact one module wide Add-On Block (AOB) can be used in combination with any Hager 3P MCB up to 63A. The one module RCD Add-On Block + MCB combinations suit all Hager chassis boards including the performa series and invicta panelboards. It is the most compact ‘3P+N RCBO’ for chassis boards. The RCD Add-On Block + MCB provides the protective characteristics of both devices, thereby protecting the panelboards entire circuit and removing the need to wire between DIN mounted RCD & MCB. This results in a significant reduction of time, labour & the size & cost of integrated RCD socket outlets. The ‘Type A’ Add-On Block gives the added protection against any ‘pulsating DC component’ generating from such loads as; power tools, motor speed controllers etc. Conforms with IEC 61008-1 and AS/ NZS 61008.1 when used with a Hager MCB.

- Number of modules: 1
- Number of poles: 3 P
- Rated operational voltage Ue: 240/415 V
- Rated current: 63 A
- Rated residual operating current: 30 mA
- Residual current type: A
- Frequency: 50 Hz
- Rated insulation voltage: 500 V
- Rated impulse withstand voltage: 4000 V
- Operating temperature: -5 to 40 °C
- Electric endurance in number of cycles: 1000
- Number of mechanical operations: 1000
- Connection cross-sect. rigid cable: 25mm²
- Connection cross-sect. flexible cable: 16mm²
- Tightening torque: 3,5Nm


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