Solar Panel Cable Clips Stainless Steel 500PK - CC4X2-SS


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JBB Solar Panel Cable Clips Photovoltaic Cable Clips Trailer Frame Wire Clamp Clips Stainless Steel 21.6mm/0.85in Length 500 Pack
- Panel cable clips are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, have strong support and a special surface treatment, great corrosion resistance, can provide longer service time smooth edge without any burr avoids to damage the cable insulation.
- Cable Clips are used in solar photovoltaic systems or trailer equipment to fix the cable, suitable for arranging the photovoltaic cables neatly under the frame of the effective ensure the overall beauty of the project and the safety and stability of the transmission.
- Exquisite workmanship unique concave design can avoid damage to cable insulation disassemble with the spring clip structure, ensure the construction efficiency and neat layout. The back is barbed to the cable clamp from falling off after installation.
- Easy to install and disassemble can be installed without tools, simply apply the screwdriver to removal or movement of clips if needed.
- Package Included 500 pcs x Stainless Steel Cable Clips, Size: Suitable for Solar Cable 4.0mm.

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