5mm x 10mtr Length Fish Tape Cable Puller - CP510


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5mm x 10mtr Fish Tape Cable Puller
- This fishtape is strong but springy and save time allowing you to get all the wiring pulled effortlessly. The pull was smooth and without a jam, that’s nice to tuck away in your tool chest.
- Trying to run an additional wire through a conduit when there are already a number of wires already present is difficult. Bright color is what found it visually for you making a tough operation doable. Find it and pull it easily !
- The head wheel at the end of the wire can be used at 360° and is easily passed through the elbow. Unique connection, durable and easy to use.
- With non-conductive PET, you’ll definitely get a lot of good use from this for a variety of projects. the versatile fish cable is applicable for telecom, electrical, wall, floor conduit and other wiring installation.

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